Hexawise reduces regression suite by 85% at a leading U.K. bank

Hexawise reduces regression suite by 85% at a leading U.K. bank

Chandan Nakar
Head of QA
Hexawise contact person

This Fortune 500 company is one of the 3 largest banks based in the U.K. They have been a Hexawise client since 2015.


A set of more than 12,000 “business as usual” tests for a U.K. bank’s lending web application were effective in finding defects, but contained extreme amounts of repetition and took far too long to execute. The bank wanted to create a smaller, streamlined set of tests without sacrificing any testing effectiveness.

Wasteful repetition
Too many tests
Difficult automation
Lengthy execution times
"We’re seeing benefits from using Hexawise... including time savings, increases in testing thoroughness, and a better understanding of testing coverage achieved by our testers."

The application team used Hexawise to generate a drastically-smaller set of more powerful, more thorough tests to replace the repetitive manually-selected scenarios previously being executed.

Since the original tests were effective at finding defects, the team’s goal was only to match the original level of coverage while focusing on reducing the number of executed tests.

85% reduction in test cases
75% time savings during test creation
100% coverage of 3-Way interactions
Fully automated regression suite

The global bank shrank their regression suite from 12,471 existing tests to 1,775 Hexawise tests - an 85% reduction in test cases - while improving the test coverage achieved. With the reduction in the number of tests to execute, the teams selecting and documenting the test cases were also able to do so in less than 1/4 of the time previously spent selecting and document the scenarios.

Although there was a significant test case reduction, the 1,775 regression tests generated by Hexawise achieved 100% 3-way coverage. This is an extremely thorough level of testing coverage virtually impossible to replicate manually, which provided the global bank with a strong chance of catching defects much earlier in the process. For test execution, the data-driven, consistently-formatted Hexawise tests allowed for simple automation of the new, smaller regression suite.

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